Serpent Rain, 2016

Planetary Erotics, 2016

Horizon Crash, 2016


Multicultural Dread, 2015

Borrowed Scenarios, 2015

Sunshinism, 2015

Heart of Brightness, 2015

Caesium Forest, 2015


arjuna neuman






Sunshinism hails from tomorrow. Like many religions before it – the sun is central to its beliefs. Although in this case it is a cyborg-sun, a thermo-nuclear-sun made with Science. And like the real sun, this religion shines everywhere.

In this lecture, Arjuna Neuman uncovers a religion from the future. He borrows modes of research from cultural anthropology, theology and history, as well as forms from yoga, the New Age and YouTube to describe the "heart of brightness," our emergent techno-spiritual framework. The lecture traces the inception of this framework in the American West and the explosive-flash of the first atomic bomb, and tracks it forward through our collective implosion, our becoming-smiley.

presented at Home Works 7, 2015 - full lecture performance here