Serpent Rain, 2016

Planetary Erotics, 2016

Horizon Crash, 2016


Multicultural Dread, 2015

Borrowed Scenarios, 2015

Sunshinism, 2015

Heart of Brightness, 2015

Caesium Forest, 2015


arjuna neuman






Planetary Erotics in its current phase is an ongoing, roving research project, and a disobedient experiment to find out if we can re-write, re-imagine and re-construct the human together/altogether.

This process of research gathers people from different backgrounds to test out both what it means to be human (we have bodies, differences, locations in time and space) – and to try and imagine what it could mean to be human (should we become telepathic, an interspecies superorganism, one hyper-body or just angels?)

The research so far has been conducted through “study groups” – informal gatherings where people with specific knowledge and experience are invited to share, discuss and disobey what they know, what they feel, what they are. The goal of these meetings is always two fold – first to examine the inherited definitions and values, prejudices and principles of being human. Much of these almost unquestioned definitions, that of our “species identity” our “biological facts” can be traced back to the Enlightenment. Following the first stage of disenchantment – the “study group” turns its attention to reconstruction, reimaging and revision. In short we ask, how do we rebuild together the human for the future?

first presented at Utopiana, 2016 - more info here