Serpent Rain, 2016

Planetary Erotics, 2016

Horizon Crash, 2016


Multicultural Dread, 2015

Borrowed Scenarios, 2015

Sunshinism, 2015

Heart of Brightness, 2015

Caesium Forest, 2015


arjuna neuman





"There are signs all around us that the horizon is crashing.What I mean is that there is a fundamental incompatibility between our human universe with our "primitive" notions of space and time, and the emerging cosmology of the digital universe.

I want to sketch out some of these warning signs, but first let's try for a moment to imagine this horizon crash:

Day and night would appear simultaneously at all times. Genesis would be reversed. Something like a stereoscopic/strobescopic effect would be created. Behind the strobe one would see them-selves from behind. Vision would circumnavigate the now groundless and glass-like planet indefinitely. Movements would be freeze-framed and fixed. As if caught in a gelatinous substrate - with nothing to measure them against. This locomotion would trail indefinitely. A strobing, flickering, shaking simultaneous light and darkness would induce a synaptic overload, a kind of shamanization of humanity. Every sensing creature would be propelled into infinite sets of hyper-linked realities, one for each freezeframe caught across past and future, in a timeless, limitless, unbounded existence.

We might imagine (indulging the dystopic impulse) cosmology-bots crawling over these humanoid trails that are left by the collision of digital reality and the traditional human one. These trans-real robots would harvest the surplus energy derived from this horizon clash, trading at light-speed on the time and space derivative market. As this new and final mode of capital extraction reaches automated perfection, reality itself would be expropriated from humans and traded with universal-algorithms.

We ought to start welcoming ourselves, as a new species of onto-epistemological refugees."

Lecture Performance - commissioned by American University of Beirut