Serpent Rain, 2016

Planetary Erotics, 2016

Horizon Crash, 2016


Multicultural Dread, 2015

Borrowed Scenarios, 2015

Sunshinism, 2015

Heart of Brightness, 2015

Caesium Forest, 2015


arjuna neuman






Sunshinism is our bright new horizon: the framework, culture, and spiritual practice of
homotechnicus; the outcome of our ontological mutations following in the image of thermonuclear weapons. It is a life-giving force but a decoy. As a belief system, it maximizes our smiles like coins; its ritual is based in sun salutations that prostrate the body toward a technological sun a thousand times the size of our own; its framework dissolves all traditions and all religions, simultaneously uniting them in a total, unquestionable harmony.

Commission by e-flux for Supercommunity at the Venice Biennial - full text here